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Cowboy Knife

  • Cowboy knife with coffin handle
  • 13 ” overall length
  • 8 1/4″ blade length
  • Wood handle with brass spots
  • Double edged 440 stainless steel
  • 4 designs of sheaths to choose from
  • Price for knife and sheath is $65

Turn of the Century 1911 Style Holsters

These holsters can be made in the standard 1911 government model or in compact verions.  This holster is unlined and has border stamping and is priced at $90.  A holster with border stamping, fully lined is $125.  The belt is unlined and is $75. 

More styles of the 1911 holsters coming soon.

Alamo Jim Bowie Knife and Sheath

  • Alamo Bowie Replica style
  • 11.5″ blade length, 17.5 ” overall length
  • Wood handles
  • Sheaths come in a variety of designs, made of heavy, top quality saddle skirting
  • Sheaths can be used on belts up to 3″ wide
  • Sheath shown have spots
  • Price for knife and sheath is $160
  • Additional cost if conchos are added