The Saddlemaker

Allan Byrne has worked leather for most of his life. In 1995, his love for old time cowboy gear and his desire to find an old time saddle that would fit a modern day horse led him to realize that he might have to make his own. This led him to Bill Conway, a saddlemaker who had once worked for the Frazier Saddlery in Pueblo, and knew the old ways of saddlemaking. Through diligent research, and his association with Bill, Allan learned to craft saddles the old way. His passion for the beauty and functionality of the old high backs quickly made him a master saddlemaker. “.In 1997 Allan’s saddles won 1st and 2nd place at the Colorado State Fair. ” I can’t get enough of these old saddles”, Allan says. “The beautiful lines, the character, the comfort, there’s something about them that you just can’t replace”. In 1998 ex-basketball star, and cowboy enthusiast Kareem Abdul-Jabbar saw Allan’s saddles at the Single Action Shooting Society’s End of Trail Championship, and commissioned Allan to build a saddle for him( with extra long stirrup leathers!). Today Allan continues to research the old styles of saddles, as well as the various accoutrements seen on this web site. If you need a saddle or tack built with the quality, craftmanship, and attention to detail of the old time saddlemakers, you’ve come to the right place.

“I would say that this is the most comfortable saddle I have ridden in the last 30 years. I won the first mounted shooting competition I entered after buying the saddle. I also won the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association’s 2001 Nationals at Festival of the West this year riding this saddle. Bruce Boxleitner and Buck Taylor took first and second respectively in the celebrity division in this saddle also. It helps me by keeping me in postion for shooting. I use this saddle in parades, mounted shoots and Wild West shows and it has served me well! I also have received many compliments on it. A very important consideration is that the saddle not only fits me well but it HAS to fit my horses well also and it does. Many of the old timey saddles do not fit “modern” horses well, this saddle does. Alan has always been great in helping me keep the saddle top notch and for building accessories.”

Payson Peterson, Wild West Performer and Champion Mounted Shooter